The Game Theatre produces thematic and engaging social escapes that result in new forms of interactive theatre. The Game Theatre system melds open role-play (i.e Live Action Role-Play or LARP), interactive social strategy gaming, and immersive entertainment to create unique experiential journeys. With The Game Theatre an event's ultimate outcome is never determined by the production, but it rather determined by the decisions made by the guests themselves!

The company has produced a variety of experiences, including Off-Broadway events in New York City, weekend long all-inclusive escapes for hundreds, private events, corporate team-building functions, and promotional events for prominent film studios.


The Team


Evan Michaels, Esq. is an entertainment attorney and event producer based in New York City. Through years of representing leading immersive event producers he witnessed how to design sensational event experiences. As a 'Game Director' for the company he acts as event producer, casting agent, booker, player role writer and co-event story writer and designer. Evan prides himself on his commitment to be fully engaged with Game Theatre players to ensure that their experience will be impacting and unforgettable. 


Christopher Batarlis is a professional game designer, publisher, London trained actor, and stage production dynamo. He is the President of his own game publishing company, Everything Epic, which has designed and published games for leading film studios. As a 'Game Director' for the company he acts as lead game designer and master of ceremonies, as well as co-event writer and designer. Chris prides himself in offering his unique expertise to lead Game Theatre players on journeys they never could have anticipated.