New Aces & Operatives, our signature spy v. spy casino role-play event, information coming soon! 


Super Villain No. 1 is a a social game where you will become a classic villain. Remember a time when the greatest threats to the world were not within your news feed, but rather emanated from brilliant "evil doers" with unique personalities and a jet-setting sense of style? In this experience players will be affluent rogues obsessed with taking over the world, not by political means, but rather by grandiose plans. You can hatch diabolical plans to blackmail world leaders and your evil organization will casts votes in order to bring global superpowers to their knees. However, hidden within your organization may be secret special agents seeking to unravel your evil agenda! Super Villain No. 1 is a spin off from our original Aces & Operatives espionage experience. It's a versatile design that can be used with different themes and stories as well.

Design Keywords: Social Deduction, Hidden Roles, Team-Building, Wagering-Betting. 

Stealth Summit is a diverse social deception role-play experience where you will assume the role of either a US or Soviet (Russian) delegate, or will be cast as a national leader as a part of the UN. All Delegation Teams will be attending a global summit for peace. Each round the Delegations will have one team leader who will choose members of their Delegation to vote on various proposed peace resolutions. The goal of the summit is to achieve world peace and disarmament. However, lurking within each Delegation are hidden Warmongers who will do anything to fail the peace talks and thrust the world into war for their own maniacal personal gain. The Delegations must frantically work to pass a majority of resolutions and identify the Warmongers before it's too late!

Design Keywords: Mega Social Deduction,
Hidden Roles, Team-Building, Trading/Resource Allocation.

Manor Rivals is our turn-of-the-century experience featuring Gilded Age families seeking to outwit their rivals. You will be cast into an aristocratic Family Team. Your goal: save your family's fortune and bankrupt your rivals.  However, there are darker secrets to be discovered about how each family came to obtain their riches. You will be compelled to make ultimate decisions of family loyalty or traitor treachery that will drastically influence the power struggle within each family and between the rival Family Teams. Moreover, this experience can be payed over successive generations that will tell the grand story of these families over time. Manor Rivals features our widely popular diamond heist game.

Design Keywords: Team v. Team, Social Deduction/Thievery, Hidden-Roles, Wagering-Betting.

Midnight Millions is our interactive murder mystery where you are bequeathed 1 million dollars from a mysterious will of a murdered mogul. The will specified that if Lord Oswald McCallister was ever found murdered that he would give 1 million dollars to anyone who would investigate the circumstances of his tragic death. You will navigate a mysterious realm where you will seek to make "deals" with other players in order to locate special items, the reason: you will also encounter the Suspects to the crime and each Suspect will give you a clue if you can hand them the items they desperately need! This experience drastically changes the traditional murder mystery format to create an engaging and immersive participatory experience.  

Design Keywords: Walk-through Murder Mystery, Immersive/Interactive Theatre, Trading/Resource Gathering, Riddles.  

The Secret Sheriff design was born out of Aces & Operatives. We took our espionage role-play and and transformed it into a 1970's NYC Good Cops vs. Bad Cops experience. You will be cast as a disco era socialite, with secret personal flaws, who assumes one of two criminal roles: the seller (trafficker) or the buyer. Sellers will be given a "Special Menus" where they can order an array of illegal contraband that they can push on the black market for profit. Meanwhile, Buyers will start the experience with cold hard cash in hand to find the items they secretly need. However, planted within the social structure are undercover police seeking 'bust' anyone and everyone... unless they too want 'in' on the action. Secret Sheriff is a wild party game experience.

Design Keywords: Hidden Roles, Trading, Route-Network Building, Party Game.

Midnight, the Stars and You  is our prequel to the film "The Shining" set at a July 4th party in 1921. You will be cast as an affluent member of The Overlook hotel's exclusive Solstice Society. Secretly, some players will be bestowed with the gift of Shinning that allows them to 'see' the evil Ghosts that haunt the hotel. Meanwhile, the evil hotel itself seeks to capture everyone's soul for all eternity. Most players will seek to stop The Overlook's dark plan. Additionally, some players will be cast as Ghosts who will work to try and identify which players have the power of Shining to eliminate their threat to the hotel they serve. Finally, others will be cast as Caretakers, those souls already captured by the hotel that eternally reoccur to do the Hotel's dark bidding. 

Design Keywords: Hidden-Roles, Mega Social Deduction, Area Control/Influence (hotel map management). 

Blacklisted is our classic Hollywood experience where you are cast as either a Producer, Writer, Director, or Actor seeking tinsel town fame in fortune. However, the "Red Scare" of McCarthyism has swept the nation and everyone at this secret "casting party" is under suspicion of being a Communist! You will socially engage to both see your dreams of creating a feature film, or staring in it, come to a reality but you will also be warned: one wrong move can place you under suspicion, resulting in you being "Blacklisted" from Hollywood forever! In addition, premonitions of Hollywood's pre-war Golden Age may mysterious appear. 

Design Keywords: Hidden-Roles, Voting/Public Trial, Murder Mystery. 


Mulholland Mayhem is a Hollywood casting party party game where players will attempt to create a feature film in one mysterious evening. You will be cast as a "Tinsel Town" role, such as an affluent Producer, a visionary Director, a quirky writer, or an aspiring Actor. Special roles such as stunt people and gossip columnists will also be featured. Players will create a shared series of events within a mysterious Hollywood realm and you will be compelled to use social strategy to make the rights connections to produce (and be cast into) a feature film! Additionally, beyond team-building the game features hidden roles and social deduction plot-twists that will pose risks to the various film productions!

Design Keywords: Team-Building, Social Deduction, Round-based Collective Story Creation, Party Game.

Outlander Within is a personal experience influenced by Existentialism, author Philip K. Dick, and Christopher Nolan films. It's a clinically administered social experience. You will be cast as a former Special Agent whose memory has been erased after capture by an evil Corporation, which devilishly turns agents into memory-less Sleeper Agents for hire. The Corporation however needs to ensure that only those who can never recall their true selves will be used. You will frantically engage with others to try and achieve genuine positive recollections of your past so you will not become a tool of the Corporation (and hence earn your freedom). However, planted among everyone will be hidden Corporate Operatives seeking to override your mind with awful false memories ('engrams') in an attempt to eradicate your sense of self agency forever!

Design Keywords: Social Deduction, Resource Allocation, Organic Story Creation, Group Therapy Problem Solving. 

D.O.M.I.N.U.S. DOWN is a walk-though, station to station gaming experience where you will work with others within a large-scale co-operative social role-play game. The overall structure is as follows: your Agency Team will compete against the AI of a super "Star Wars" program satellite code named: D.O.M.I.N.U.S. The satellite has returned to earth after decades in distant orbit to eradicate humanity. However, the satellite has once weakness: its AI loves games. Through group strategy, player ingenuity, and utilization of the skills your unique role has the satellite can potentially be defeated. 

Design Keywords: Walk-through live RPG, Team-Building, Puzzles, Virtual Gaming, Area Control/Influence.