Interactive Adventures occurring within Thematic Social Realms that span Time, Place, and Mind.

THE GAME THEATRE is an event design company that believes in preserving social interaction as a prime force of entertainment and personal growth. 

Our preferred method is to produce feverish Live Role-Play experiences that use daring social strategy and customized game designs to create compelling realms where you, and those around you, decide the outcome.  This combination results in our player guests creating spontaneous interactive theatre between themselves. Zero experience in acting or games is required. Our events are always warm and welcoming and we strive to design experiences that are open to people of all backgrounds.

We create:

- Interactive "Game Threatre" social experiences

- Private/corporate events

 - Promotional events

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The 'Game'  element of THE GAME THEATRE are our original social designs that trigger human psychology from a variety of perspectives. Our experiences combine live role-play with social science and innovative game mechanics to create an exciting interpersonal alternate reality.

Our events entertain experienced players yet are also very approachable for beginners. We believe in casting everyone in roles that are best suited for their interests. Moreover, our events are always "a game, within a game" so there are multiple channels of social exploration available for everyone.

We believe in offering a platform for social adventuring to everyone.


The 'Theatre' element of THE GAME THEATRE is the magic that occurs between players. In experimental dramatic circles this is referred to as interactive theater. The show is the spectacle of social progression that arises from the shared experience between you and those around you within our unique world.

Our mission is to create a pervasive experience where you, and everyone else around you, are transformed into both spectator and performer. We believe that spontaneous environments are best suited to foster organic storytelling as natural experience to behold.


All of us exist in an enveloping sensory world where we are constantly forced to be a viewer. Whether it be your phone, online, or other channel, we are targeted every second.

Real interpersonal interaction shatters this and one powerful tool we value is Team Building. The relationship between you and your own role, your team, and the greater world around you will compel you to experience genuine new social connections. 

By escaping our everyday selves we can all learn more about one other.


Live Action Role Play, this is the real deal. While other LARPing can get really deep, The Game Theatre does a great job at providing an “entry level” experience that might blow your mind... Senior Players will be planted within the crowd and will be messing with you in the funniest of ways. By mid point in the night, things will get hot and people will be yelling as plot twists blow the lid on what you thought immersive theatre could be. It’s amazing the depth and time the producers have put into for this production. I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this before.  - Adam Aleksander (

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Through research and development THE GAME THEATRE has proven event formulas. You will self-navigate to uncover information, find allies, identify adversaries, and make daring decisions that may progresses your role, your team, or even the entire experience for everyone. This results in exciting (and unexpected) new social connections. We value compelled interaction as our hallmark and always welcome new social adventurers.

On typical night when you go out with friends you may talk to a few strangers but will mostly communicate within your own group. You're hereby warned: not with us...


We hold ourselves to a standard that THE GAME THEATRE's experiences are always original and never predetermined. You may assume the role of a unique character, or may have a goal in order to learn more information from mysterious characters around you. Either way, you will find yourself immersed in a grand story. You will possess secret objectives that will direct the progression of events for you (and others). We value our players so you will learn why good (or not so good) things have happened for you, your team, and the world around you!

Of course attaining victory is coveted, however we believe in making the collective social journey that you will have embarked the centerpiece of our entertainment value. 

At the end, it's all about the shared story that was created by our players.


The designers of THE GAME THEATRE are knowns as The Game Directors.

Evan Michaels is a Game Director and the Producer, Writer, Casting Agent, and Event Designer for the production. He is also an attorney for creatives. 



Christopher Batarlis is a Game Director and the Lead Game Designer and Master of Ceremonies. He is also a trained London stage actor and President of his own board game company, Everything Epic



Evan and Chris produce and test their event experiences at various locations, very often at hidden venues underneath Manhattan. They have worked with film studios on promotional events, produced in-house events for corporations, and have been featured at leading game conventions to display new design content.