The Game Theatre


Meta Social Deduction

Meta Social Deduction (“MSD”) is an innovative educational series for corporate functions. MSD leads players to assess the unknown intentions and motivations of people they know, and others whom they have just met. This series relies on mindful assessment of non-verbal communication to achieve a deeper understanding of others.

MSD uses social deductive gaming to create interactive evaluations between people. Through the experience, over time, players will be able to create a deductive prediction of another person's values and choices by understanding the "Meta", taking chances, and by working with others to try and achieve specific outcomes. Overall, The Game Theatre showcases MSD through choice-based gaming to peak attention and passion in all participants. 

Education and Experiential Key Points:

  • How to read someone you know, or someone you just met, by anticipating their choices before, during, and after they make them. 
  • Limited knowledge to work with, or against, by making trust-based choices and learning from those choices by the other person's reactions and their responses. 
  • 15-20 min discussion about Meta and what is Social Deduction, followed by a large-scale, yet targeted Game Theatre social experience. 

Additionally, in the spirit of thematic interaction, MSD will be experienced within an objective based story created by The Game Directors to emotionally involve players with their choices.

If interested in bringing our MSD series to your office, convention, or other professional setting Contact Us for a consultation.