The Off-Broadway NYC Interactive LARP and Social Game comes to GEN CON 50!

Saturday August 19th, 2017 8pm.

Indianapolis Hyatt. Details soon!


A noir Hollywood casting party, where dreams may be fulfilled (or shattered) at every turn…

Mulholland Sunset is a unique team-building, round based ('scene') David Lynch film casting inspired LARP where players assume “Tinsel Town” roles. These include affluent Producers, visionary Directors, quirky Writers, and aspiring Actors. Special roles may also be featured, such as stuntmen, costume designers, and gossip columnists.

Players will create a shared series of events within a mysterious dream-like Hollywood realm. Everyone will be compelled to use social strategy to make the right connections to produce (and be cast into) a feature film!

Additionally, beyond team-building, Mulholland Sunset also features LARP social deduction plot-twists that will pose risks to the various film productions!


  • Producers are responsible for casting and budget, this is the Main Role with the most leadership decisions and influence on the game, the game runs through the Producers
  • Directors conceive of an overall brilliant vision for the film production they will direct, they will also assist with casting 
  • Writers are responsible for developing a marketable film script, this is a for an "ideas" person
  • Actors are dramatic "star hungry" types trying to audition their way into any of the feature films for future fame and fortune
  • Special roles include: gossip columnists, stuntmen, designers, and other "secret" roles


All of Hollywood's studios are under the threat of a secretive new studio head known as “Mr. Roque”.  Mr. Roque and his hooligans will do anything to see that the players’ films fail so his new film studio can monopolize next summer’s blockbusters. Additionally, there’s also a “bling ring” breaking into Hollywood mansions and studios.

Mulholland Sunsent is a LARP "party game" that's simple to play yet provides memorable social interaction.

Movies will be made and dreams realized... or shattered like glass...

**Theme & Dress Code**

The game is set in an alternative Hollywood reality with no precise year. For attire think unique formal or semi-formal Hollywood Star or Film Maven. We simply ask no t-shirts, jeans or sneakers.