The Vampires vs. Hunters MegaGame!


What is a MegaGame? Answer: They are tabletop strategy based games designed for a large number of players.

Will you survive Night Falls? Under the cover of darkness, powerful vampiric and monstrous forces clash with the human city folk who hunt them. Do you have the strength of will and the force of personality to leave a lasting legacy when Night Falls? Join a faction and become either a Vampire or a Human in this 4-32 player game! You’ll be in a team of 1-4 players competing against the other teams for area control, diplomacy, upgrading your faction members, and battling in the city for ultimate control!  Combining elements of a boardgame, wargame, model UN, and a RPG with a large player count, a megagame is a unique gaming experience unlike anything else on the market. What is Night Falls the Mega Game Board Game? Currently, megagames are only available as print-and-play products. By distilling the elements of a traditional megagame into a user-friendly experience, Night Falls is the first megagame that fits in a box . Traditional megagames require large multi-roomed spaces, 4-10 moderators to run the game, and plays over 4+ hours. Night Falls only needs one room with two separated tables, 1 or no moderator to run the game, and plays in about 2 hours. 

Do not let the terms'MegaGame' scare you off. The rules are simple, easy to learn, and can be taught in 15 minutes. No experience or materials are necessary, so have fun trying something new. You'll make decisions for your team that result in a thrilling conclusion!



The Council of Elders

Calculating, regal, and ancient… all vampire-kind bows to the Council of Elders. Having built a comfortable existence hidden from the eyes of man, they are satisfied with manipulating the world from the shadows. When the Council of Elders stirs, the world takes notice as trying times are afoot.

The Nelapsi Pack

Savage, animalistic, and volatile… no vampire-kind is as feared as the Nelapsi Pack. Closer to animal than man, these vampires are so prone to fits of violence that even other vampires refuse to associate with them. Traveling the countryside as a pack, they leave a trail of death and agony in their wake.

The Damphyr Commune

Hungry, impulsive, and brazen… these newly turned vampires possess the power of the immortals while retaining some shreds of their humanity. Awoken with a powerful craving for blood, Damphyrs struggle to control themselves and tend to take greater risks than their kin to sate their thirst. Many band together in the Damphyr Commune to support one another’s transition to a new afterlife.

The Nosferatu Clan

Grotesque, secretive, and powerful… the Nosferatu Clan stalk the streets as quietly as a shadow. Hidden away in the sewers and alleyways, no wall or gate can stop a nosferatu from entering. Perhaps due to their perverse appearance, the Nosferatu Clan tends to keep themselves cloistered out of view.

The Blood Shamans

Captivating, stoic, and ominous… the Blood Shamans exhibit strange control over living creatures. They enjoy toying with their victims and bending their enemies to their will. Their dark blood magic is not something to be trifled with.



The Lyon Family

Affluent, proud, and uptight… the Lyon family was head of the regency during the previous dark times. With a new pall of night befalling the land, they believe themselves to be rightful heirs to sovereignty once again. While the political control has waned in the intervening years, they have plenty of capital to finance another rise to power.

Church of the Dawn

Inspiring, righteous, and numerous… the Church of the Dawn serves as a beacon of light in these dark times. Their faith that the sun will rise again to wash away the terrors of the night is absolute and uncompromising. This message of hope draws huge crowds to their gatherings inspiring converts to walk the streets proclaiming the coming of the dawn.

The Merchant Guild

Enterprising, wily, and devious… the Merchant Guild has enough goods on hand to outlast any siege. Chafing at what they call ‘undue’ taxation, they are ready to strike whatever deals are necessary to better their standing once the sun rises again. If that means making deals with monsters, then so be it. The path to the top is not an easy one.

The City Watch

Hearty, disciplined, and vigilant… the City Watch are the citizen’s first line of defense. For years the citizens have scoffed at the City Watch’s requests for more funding. Now they turn to them for protection? While many guardsmen’s hearts are in the right place, it is up to the watch commander to determine what to do with their limited resources.

The Raven Cabal

Covert, deceptive, and feared… nobody wants to be visited by an operative of the Raven Cabal. Their spy network has dirty secrets on every man and monster alike. With a whispered word they can bring the mightiest organization to heel, and those who cross them tend to disappear.

The Knights of Rose

Gallant, chivalric, and steadfast… the Knights of the Rose are honorbound to protect the defenseless and downtrodden. Revered by the townsfolk, cheers rise up in the streets as the knights ride out to battle evil. While the City Guard claims the deeds of the knights as frivolous pageantry, the Knights of the Rose have clearly won the hearts and minds of the populace.