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An Exclusive New Year's Eve Engagement

by The Game Theatre

New Year's Eve, 1921, the Overlook Hotel, Colorado.

The warmest winter on record defrosted the road leading from Sindwinder Colorado to the Overlook Hotel. Affluent members of the hotel's exclusive Solstice Society have now decided to throw a secret New Year's Eve party in the hotel's wine cellar where members will usher in the New Year in style. It's once in a lifetime opportunity to open the hotel during its long winter off-season. In typical fashion, the Society will be immersed in roaring pageantry...

However, lurking within the Overlook's cellar are secrets of the darkest sort that guests will encounter as their souls strive to survive to the New Year...


What to Expect:

The Game Theatre produces feverish, theatrical, social game engagements. Your ticket offers you: 

  • A Secret Role within an intricately designed, thematic, large party game that will run over 3 hours -- you and your friends, plus the new connections you make decide the outcome!

  • Access to a genuine turn of the century venue with no lines or crowds -- we limit capacity 

  • An original story based on the derivations Stanley Kubrick's film took from the Stephen King novel that you will socially navigate during the evening

  • The Game Directors and their hidden Role-Players will engage with you to compel the rich theme of the night

  • A private bar, plus a full Italian menu

Trust that our designs are geared for both experienced and new attendees! We strive to offer interactive and thematic social games that cannot be predicted!

Logistical Details:

  • Doors 8:30pm, experience runs feverishly from 9:00pm - 12:00am, with a New Year's toast, venue will close at 12:30am -- please arrive before 9:00pm, the experience is timed from start to finish (you are of course free to hit any "after party" in the city should you desire to stay out till morning)

  • Dress Code: formal to semi-formal roaring 20's or general formal attire

  • Theme: deeper meanings within Stanley Kubrick's film 'The Shining', spooky Gatsby

  • All ticket purchasers and guests must be 21+... our event Policies 


"Sometimes things can leave a trace of themselves behind... like burnt toast."

Many within the hotel's exclusive and affluent Solstice Society believe that The Overlook is not just a majestic hotel, but is also a grand structure containing dark secrets. Some even say the Hotel itself is "alive".

Society members now hope to throw a one-time only New Year's Eve event to  "exorcise" the Supernatural elements within the hotel, room-by-room, before the year 1922 arrives. The Solstice Society members are secret Ghost Hunters!

Meanwhile, the hotel itself has dispatched cunning Specters, who appear human, into the evening's festivities to sabotage the efforts of the Hunters. The Specters will work to overturn the exorcisms at any cost so the hotel can remain all powerful.

As the evening progresses some Society attendees will learn that they are the chosen Caretakers, those who appear to do the hotel's bidding and are racing against time for their own sanity (think Jack Nicholson). The Ghost Hunters will try to save the Caretakers' sanity, while the Specters will work to shadow the Caretakers to finally turn them truly "evil" to undertake the hotel's dark orders...

Finally, there will be the "chosen ones", the Seers with the power of "Shining" who are the only ones who can "see" the Specters to assist the Hunters. However, there are great dangers faced by the Seers... 

Join The Game Directors and their special troupe of interactive role-players for a truly engaging NYE event. Again, new players are welcome!