A 'Secret Spy Society' operating underneath Manhattan!

Join The Game Directors and the Aston "A-Lister" Club Members for their signature spy casino event. Club Aston is an interactive espionage story-telling experience like nothing else! 

This event is ideal for anyone who has ever desired to become someone new, mysterious, and internationally coveted. New Players are encouraged to join our Senior Players at the club. This is a truly special world of intrigue where you can lead a secondary life filled with fame and fortune, while possessing unique skills. 

Guests will be transformed from spectators into integral parts of a living + breathing spy reality! Call it "social theater". You only live twice... so join the club!

MI6 photo taken of Aston's opening evening.

MI6 photo taken of Aston's opening evening.

What to Expect?

  • The ability to enter your own "choose your own adventure" (or assist others with their stories) -- your nightlife decisions result in drastic and lasting outcomes!

  • The most thematic card table anywhere, surrounded by unique and fascinating characters (of course, no real money / no gambling / all staged theater)

  • Use of a free-market economy that will track your fortunes and losses 

  • Plus many announcements and surprises to come!

**No role-play or card gaming experience required! 

Modern Bond @ cards...

Classic Bond @ cards...

Dress Code: this is a modern club experience so formal dress code or spy attire is necessary. No t-shits, no jeans etc. Think deep cover agent, femme fatale, wealthy financier, eccentric scientist, sleek transporter, famous 'industry' star, eccentric madman, and beyond! This event may feature fashionably dark Operatives so feel free to be inspired by dark fashion! All attendees consent to being potentially photographed or filmed (if you are looking great why waste it!)
Of course, if you have any questions regarding dress code just email us!