Aces & Operatives

THE GAME THEATRE is an innovative, interactive, and immersive entertainment experience that combines elements of theatre with improv and social gaming to create diversely unique characters and stories where you, the player guests, decide your outcome!

**Story Summary**

It's the 1950's Cold War, a time of fear mongering and accusations in the nation. A group of Hollywood elites have been invited to a casting party at a secret mob run club in New York City. The special guests will network in the hopes of casting necessary roles to produce future tinseltown blockbusters.

At the party will be powerful film producers, talented screenwriters, visionary directors, and of course glamours stars. However, underneath all the glitz and glam lurks the darker side of the times. A nation finds itself gripped with fear of a Communist threat it cannot see and patriots of the "American way" will stop at nothing identify and cast out the enemy elements from within. Guests must be careful about who they associate with and trust, the nation is on high alert for Communists hiding in the Hollywood ranks and everyone is a suspect!

Influenced by mid-century culture, MccarthyismThe Crucible, and the issues of public shaming, Blacklisted will be a fascinating evening that uses Game Theatre social science to explore the act of accusation. 


  • Everyone will be as a Hollywood Elite [almost SOLD OUT] or an Investigator -- no role-play or acting experience required (this is a fun social adventure)

  • Enjoy a thematic Little Italy wine cellar venue with a private bar and authentic Italian menu options

**UPDATE -- Murder Mystery**

"Fasten your seat belts"... Once upon a time there were "Starlets" in Hollywood... Bette Davis' closest friend Roxy Davenport was found deceased (all too early) at the foot of the Hollywood Hills in 1948. A decade later, in the boomerang 1950s her "cold case" was re-opened for one night only. Will Roxy's fate find justice? Attend an investigate! 

**Dress Code**

  • A 1950's event is easy to make happen. Think: film starlet or dancer, visionary director or writer, power-hungry producer, Russian seductress, glamourous heiress, trust fund Ivy League chap, greaser bodyguard, star ball player or boxer, beat reporter, race car driving 'heart throb', southern musician trying to "make it", or disillusioned housewife who fled her small town and annoying family to start all over again. If you are having a brain cramp then just put on something somewhat formal and vintage :)

  • We will consult with all ticket purchasers regarding their 'role'.

Standard event policies are here HERE. All attendees consent to being photographed and filmed.