• Grotta Azzurra (map)
  • 177 Mulberry Street
  • New York, NY 10013

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There are two Gilded Age Families: the Yorksons and the Carnasellers. Bitter rivals whose heirs were mysteriously lost through misfortune or at sea. Now you, as their distant relative have been beckoned to secretly scheme and play unique games in order to win back the fortunes of your family, quash your society competitors, and ascend to becoming a renewed family empire for the 20th century! 

Expect an interactive Live Action Role-Play experience with rich social interaction.

  • Doors open at 6:00, the action begins at 7:00 and will run non-stop ending around 10:30/11:00 latest.
  • Everyone will be involved in the Master Social Game and the intertwined "Widow Poker" card game
  • Venue: a convenient, private, turn of the century wine cellar underneath Little Italy
  • All ticket purchasers and guests must be 21+... our event Policies 

Manor Rivals will involve various Secret Teams of distant family heirs who must socially navigate a private night of cards to locate their lost relatives and identify their enemies. The families will then play cards to make the most money for their team. No experience in card games is required! The selected game ("Widow Poker") is easy to learn and fast to play, so everyone can have a chance to try their hand at the card table! 

For Manor Rivals you will socialize to find your family (team), or you may hire Dandies (lower class individuals who aspire to become "new money") to assist you. The more Team members you can find, and the more people you can trust, the more scoundrels you can avoid, the better your family's chance  to return to prominence!

Other Details:

  • There will be a Victorian Occult Revival section for unique mystical interaction

  • Full menu and private bar

  • Dress Code: If in doubt, wear something vintage formal, or dark or semi formal. Of course, 19th century or classic formal (or Dark Victorian) attire is welcomed. Feel free to impress! 


The year is 1890, the late Victorian era. Some have termed it the Naughty Nineties. The Gilded Age is coming to a crashing halt as global political forces slowly push the old world into the modern 20th Century.  

Two prominent American Industrialist families, the Yorksons ("Old Money") and the Carnasellers ("New Money") find themselves on the verge of financial ruin after a string of bad investments and misfortunes at sea. Over the previous decades market competition between their shipping empires turned the families against one another until, while each vying for "society" supremacy, all their heirs drowned at sea when the luxury liner, the S.S. Goldeneye, sunk off the cost of Greenland. 

Now, distant heirs have been beckoned by the elderly vestiges of these one prominent families to seize one final opportunity to reclaim their family name, restore its golden glory, and finally quash their rival's lineage at a casino. YOU will become one of these distant heirs who will seek to locate your family, plot with them, win at cards, and restore your family's prominence!

Think Downton Abbey with a touch of H.P. Lovecraft, plus the essence of late 19th Century mysticism!