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Affairs of the Guild is an immersive social deduction Live Action Role-Play experience, hosted in a historical French Quarter location.

  • Friday October 27th
  • Antoine's Restaurante 713 Saint Louis Street, New Orleans LA (map)
  • 7:00PM Doors + Player Prep
  • 8:00PM - 10:30PM the LARP social game
  • All players are invited to a pre-event demonstration of Night Falls, a unique Vampire MegaGame starting at 6:00PM.


Young artistic Vampires, rebelling against their Clan's Elders, have secretly traveled to New Orleans to establish an independent Vampire Guild for creative freedom. To succeed they must pass an initiation ritual of an independent Vampire Clan that oversees the city. However, saboteurs lurk within and will stop at nothing to fail the initiation to cast the young Vampires back to their Elders for retribution. Will you know who to trust to save your fate?



Affaires de la Guilde: Friday 10/27
  • Tickets are $75 and very limited. 
  • Players who are also attending the Endless Night Vampire Ball may purchase the discounted $60 tickets.
  • Private cash bar
  • All players 21+ and guests agree to the Code of Conduct
  • Dress Code: event and venue policy is formal dress only. General Vampire or gothic evening attire is welcomed too.
  • This is a fictional Vampire story-telling and team-building experience.

**Additional details about Dress Code and the event can be found on our FAQ page.


The Toreador are one of the major Vampire Clans of the tradition oriented Camarilla -- the primary Vampire Sect committed to "the Masquerade", a social-political conspiracy to convince the world that Vampires do not exist so they can prosper and rule.

The Toreador worship the arts and are slaves to beauty. Their subgroups are called Guilds. Four North American Guilds, from different cities, have younger Neonate Vampires who desire to break free from their Clan’s confines to explore new forms of creative expression. 

New Orleans is the choice city for these young  Vampires, as it's rich in the arts and is too corrupt and lacking in organization for the Camarilla to view it as an ideal location to establish a territory.

The city is currently controlled by an Independent Vampire Clan the Followers of Set, or "Setites" (sorcerers who hold that their creator was the ancient Egyptian God Set). The city is also occupied by established Ancilla Vampires of Clan BrujahThe Brujah are feverish, activist, counter-culture rebels, however they have been able to temper their Vampire "Beast" side to achieve  commercial success in the 'Big Easy'.

The Setites and Brujah are open to permitting young Toreadors to establish a rogue Guild in New Orleans, mainly for self-serving reasons:  young Toreadors would draw affluent and influential humans to New Orleans (new blood), second their creativity would open additional opportunities. Of course, a Camarilla defection to New Orleans would provide the Setite Baron new subjects (and a political victory). 

In order to establish a rogue Guild the Toreadors must pass a Setite initiation ritual with a Brujah witness. If passed, then the young Vampires will be given “safe independent refuge” in New Orleans. However, if failed then the Toreadors will be cast out to face the wrath of their Elders.


Most players will assume the role of a young Toreador. You were likely embraced (turned into a Vampire) twenty or thirty years ago (so you may still have an affection for the goth, club, pop culture, and arts culture of the 1980's and 1990's). You are now just old enough to care for yourself. However, given your Toreador characteristics and relative youth for a Vampire your behavior may still appear as a rebellious teenager from a human perspective. You are known as an Artiste, a Vampire with rare artistic talent (and this talent is why you were chosen to be turned). If you were to successfully establish a Guild in New Orleans this would be seen as a great loss of fresh talent by your Clan.

In game most players will genuinely try to pass the initiation, which will be orchestrated by an Elder Setite Lector Priest. However, your Clan’s Elders are too conniving to make the initiation easy. They have infiltrated the Guilds with Toreadros who are madly jealous of Artistes, Vampires who too love the arts but lack true artistic skill, they are known as Poseurs. Poseurs will do anything to sabotage the initiation so the Artistes must return to their home Clan in disgrace.

The Roles

Toreador Artistes: are young Toreador Vampires who are trying to forge a new artistic destiny. Romantic, sensual and possessing natural gifts, these Vampires want desperately to pass the initiation to establish a new and innovative Guild, free from Elder dominion.

Toreador Saboteurs (Toreador Poseurs): are bitter and envious Vampires, possessing an all consuming desire for beauty (but lacking the skill the Artistes have to create it). They will stop at nothing to fail the Artistes attempts at initiation to win favor of their Elders.

Brujah: are idealists and activists with a rebellious streak. Vampires and humans alike are advised to not cross them. Being a main commercial force in New Orleans they have demanded the right to witness the initiations as a security measure. 

Setite Sorcerers: are masters of Heka (Egyptian Sorcery) chosen by their Clan to conduct the initiation ritual under strict guidelines, as the sanctity of the independent territory of New Orleans must be protected.

Gangrel: are beastly nomads who have been known to venture into New Orleans to feast on the lower class and drunken tourists. As long as they make no attempts to organize they are tolerated. They have not been invited to the initiation.

The Venue

Private second floor space with classic French outdoor balcony. Tickets are $75, however for players attending the Endless Night Vampire Ball qualify for discounted tickets.

Affaires de la Guilde: Friday 10/27