Below is a brief listing of just a few of our unique event designs.

As with all of our events beginners are welcome (no experience in games or acting is necessary) and no preparation is required. We usher all players into our experiences when the event begins! Most designs can be customized to meet any number of players.

Interactive Experiences


Aces & Operatives is a 'hidden role' spy vs. spy role-play experience using unique social deduction game science to create an immersive realm of international intrigue. You will assume the role of secret agent for a prominent spy agency and the event design will compel you, and your fellow agents, to interact in collaborative storytelling experience to "save the world" from sleeper agents who are hidden within your team. Mixing in classic casino gaming be prepared for a heated social strategy experience!

Global Diplomacy is an crisis simulation that recreates the challenges posed by global diplomacy. You will become a diplomat representing a wold power with your team. This is an exceptional design for companies and organizations seeking to develop critical thinking and problem solving, test employee communication skills, and instill motivation and positive performance through team-building in a high pressure (but very fun and rewarding) environment. This design has been successfully run for Fortune 500 companies.


Alien Invasion is a team-based event where you will be cast as an important figure in one of the world’s great nations (i.e. President, General, Diplomat, or Treasurer). Each role will have a specific responsibility to help their nation combat the apparent threat of an invasion from outer space. This is a cooperative team-building event design where all of the nations of the world will race to work together and exchange the resources they need in the hopes of thwarting an alien threat to global civilization.

Midnight Million$ is our interactive murder mystery where you will receive  1 million dollars from a mysterious will to investigate the death of a notorious mogul. The terms of the will are simple: you must spend all 1 million dollars to obtain 'clues' to solve the murder and, if you spend all of your money and can also identify the killer, you then stand to inherit 100 million and win the game! This is a open floor murder mystery experience unlike any other, call it mystery Monopoly played in reverse! 


Secret Sheriff classic urban 'Good Cops' vs. 'Bad Cops' design. You will be cast as socialite with 'secrets' who will assume one of two criminal roles: the seller or the buyer. Sellers can order an array of illegal contraband that they can push on the black market for profit. Meanwhile, Buyers will want find the items they need. However, planted within game are undercover police who may, or may not, be trusted. This is a highly social party-game that works well with live music or in a club setting and pairs well with retro themes like the 1970's and 1980's.

The Overlook is a prequel to the film "The Shining". The year is 1921 and you will be cast as an affluent member of the The Overlook hotel's board of trustees. You will be given one of two objectives: remove the evil spirits from the hotel or make sure that the hotel remains cursed, forever... Just like the film some players can see ghosts with the power of 'Shining', while other players are the ghosts. However, there is limited time to remove the hotel's curse, as there are also 'Caretakers' seeking out those with the gift of Shining. This is a very original archetetural map-based hidden role game.


Outlander Within is an intense design influenced by existentialism, author Philip K. Dick, filmmaker Christopher Nolan films. You will be cast as an agent whose memory has been erased after capture by an evil corporation that turns agents into 'sleeper agents' with no lasting memories of their past. You will then engage with others to try and achieve positive recollections of who you were so you can escape the trap. However, be warned: their are corporate operatives who will seek to override your mind with negative memories so they can control you forever! This design is an exploration of the meaning of identity.

Casting Call is a team-building design set in Hollywood. You and others will attempt to cast a feature film in one mysterious evening. Everyone will play a "Tinsel Town" role, such as an affluent producer, a visionary director, a quirky writer, or an aspiring actor. Over a series of casting rounds film plots will be conceived, negotiations will be made, contracts will be sealed, and players then cast in a series of new films. Through collaboration everyone will experience a simulation of how the Hollywood model affects the creative process and how ideas and dreams are remolded and evolve while immersed in the dark side of Hollywood.


MegaGames are strategy based games designed for a large number of players.

Our current signature MegaGame is Gothic - Political Vampire themed.

NF Banner.png

Will you survive Night Falls? Vampires, and those who hunt them, clash in the night. Use your cunning, wit and charm to forge alliances, make enemies, and thrive under the cover of darkness. We will build your team to compete in a political and strategy designed experience. This innovative adventure supports a multitude of teams simultaneously for a one-of-a-kind competition that blends elements of various types of socialization and real-world challenges, including: 

  • Team-building

  • Map and location tactical decision making

  • Model United Nations and diplomacy lobbying

  • Resource and currency management

Do not let the terms'MegaGame' scare you off! The rules are easy to learn and can be taught in 15 minutes. We provide all materials so have fun trying something new. You'll make decisions for your team that result in a thrilling and shocking conclusion!