Experiential Social Gaming Adventures


The Game Theatre produces unique events that combine immersive environments, strategic social gaming, and interactive theatre to create compelling experiences. We believe in preserving in person interaction as a prime force of entertainment and growth. Our mission is to expand the boundaries of socialization by creating engaging escapes.

Our welcoming designs combine role-play, emergent gaming, and entertainment to create experiential journeys. With The Game Theatre an event's ultimate outcome is never determined by the production, it's always determined by the decisions made by our player guests themselves!

We've produced a variety of experiences, including Off-Broadway events, weekend escapes for hundreds in historic locations, private events, corporate team-building games, convention showcases, and promotional events for film studios.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We are not just an event company, we are a thriving community of players worldwide!




Live Action Role Play, this is the real deal. While other role-playing can get really deep, The Game Theatre does a great job at providing an “entry level” experience that might blow your mind... Senior Players will be planted within the crowd and will be messing with you in the funniest of ways. By mid point in the night, things will get hot and people will be yelling as plot twists blow the lid on what you thought immersive theatre could be. It’s amazing the depth and time the producers have put into for this production. I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this before.  

- Adam Aleksander (adamaleksanderpresents.com)