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We are far more than a live event production, we are also a company that designs experiences for Corporate, Organizational, and Recreational clients to both entertain and educate. We can transform any company function, office party, promotional event, or special occasion into a fascinating experience. We offer innovative event designs that require no preparation by you or your guests. Our expertise will seamlessly transform your occasion into a one of a kind journey that will create memories for everyone. We will lead your guests into an experience where everyone will connect in new ways they never anticipated. 

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Why choose game theatre?

Orchestrated human play is accompanied by genuine emotional intensity. All of our designs, first and foremost, are opportunities for experiential learning and development. We draw in and engage players through the depth and richness of our social structures and stories. Each event is customized for the client, as we design experiences to answer the most important question: "What do you as our client wish to achieve?"

We can record player choices and outcomes to provide valuable post-event analysis and evaluation. Players will also reflect on their achievements resulting in personal development. 

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Event Example


Global Diplomacy is a competitive crisis simulation that recreates the challenges posed by global diplomacy. You will become a diplomat representing a wold power with your team. This is an exceptional design for companies and organizations seeking to develop critical thinking and problem solving, test employee communication skills, and instill motivation and positive performance through team-building in a high pressure (but very fun and rewarding) environment. This design has been successfully run for Fortune 500 companies.

We’ve worked with The Game Theatre on two events now, and couldn’t be more enthusiastic about partnering with them again. When they build their theme nights or in office experiences they pay attention to every detail: not only developing the characters they provide to players, but all the possible permutations of the game; bringing in seasoned players to help participants get into the spirit of things; giving directions to players on costume, character and ambiance. They think of it all on the events side too, working closely with the venue or location on the menu, setup and décor, and developing ways to make things more streamlined for the staff and entertainers. Our staff members who have worked in the corporate sphere strongly recommend them for corporate events, not only because of their proficiency in creating wonderfully entertaining experiences, but because their events are fantastic team-building occasions, since they set up the experience so that everyone will interact with everyone else so coworkers can learn new things about one another and themselves. Moscow 57