You are invited to our annual New Year's Eve social game experience in an exclusive lair underneath Manhattan's historic South Street Seaport!

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What to expect:

  • An immersive social game celebration set in a thematic venue (website)
  • Players receive a competitive role with special objectives
  • Enjoy our food boards of delicious delights so you can eat while still freely interacting
  • Benefit from a 180 degree bar design (so you do not have to wait long for your drink)
  • Spontaneous performers who can assist or thwart you
  • A midnight champagne toast for everyone
  • A pre-game dinner ticket that will shape and decide the larger story for the party to follow

More to be announced! 


  • General Admission $95  [very limited]
    • 8:30 pm doors (arriving on time is essential for the experience)
    • Includes customized social game, food boards, midnight toast, after party
      • Enjoy food boards of mini cheeseburgers, pork belly sliders, veggie spring rolls, cheese board (5 cheeses + flat breads), butcher's board (5 meats, mustard, pickles and flatbread), and vegetable crudite display (raw & fresh seasonable veggies + dips)
  • Dinner Experience Ticket: $195 [super limited]
    • Seating at 7:00 pm
    • Includes a lavish 3 course dinner (see menu HERE)
    • Includes entire General Admission event experience plus a special pre-event dinner story game to solve the main plot's mysteries to set the stage for the party following. This dinner experience will be unlike any other. 
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As always tickets are very limited. This is a special experience for select number of social adventurers
If you have any questions, contact us!

**The Game**

An exclusive, interactive party where you must spend one million dollars in one night in order to inherit an empire.

Midnight Millions is an original game designed by The Game Theatre where you will be handed one million dollars. Yes, $1,000,000 down!

Typically, this would be an amazing windfall. However, as with all Game Theatre events, things are not quite what they seem…

The twist is that you must spend all of your one million dollars before the stroke of midnight in order to inherit a massive fortune. This “spending test” was set forth in the will of a deceased financier who was your employer and, having no heirs, happened to name his loyal employees in his will. Should you choose to accept this opportunity of a lifetime you must be prepared to socially strategize with key vendors and mysterious patrons to spend all of your cash wisely.

Additionally, other players will be cast as vendors, each having their own secret agendas and unique objectives to win the game. These vendors may or may not be of assistance to the spenders. Be careful who who you trust.

In sum: this is a large-scale, easy to learn game of Monopoly played in reverse.

Midnight Millions is inspired by the 1902 novel Brewster’s Millions, a work that's spun 10 films worldwide. The struggle involved with carelessly losing money in order to inherit more is a timeless plot that's was revisited for generations, but has become a bit lost. We'll revive its theme with a modern spin this NYE. 

**The Story**

One of the wealthiest people in the world, global financier Baron Maxwell Von Rotedrachen of Liehtenstein, has gone missing. Through his influence he had the courts presume him dead. Prior to his "death" he dissolved his company and assets for reasons unknown. Insiders claim he foresaw an oncoming global financial crash. His empire now sits as a trove of gold, jewels, and cash in a Swiss bank nestled in the Alps. 

Having no wife, children, or other heirs, the "Red Baron" drafted a most unique will, which stated as follows:

My executors will give all of my loyal employees one million dollars on the evening of December 31, 2016 on the condition that they spend every dollar before the strike of 12 midnight at a New Year's party in my honor. If an employee spends all of the $1 million dollars on real assets, holdings, and labor, that employee shall inherit $100 million on January 1, 2017. Should the employee fail to spend all of the $1 million that evening, my executors will collect the remainder of unspent money and that employee will inherit nothing.

The reasons behind the Baron's "death" and actions remain a mystery. However, those closest to him will be investigating these events. What is known is a tremendous opportunity awaits his once loyal employees. You can become one of these employees to face the chance of a lifetime--one that simply cannot be passed by.


  • 7:00 - 8:30 dinner guests + shared storytelling experience
  • 8:30 doors  + party game preparation (please arrive on time for the doors)
  • 9:00 party game begins
  • 11:30 party game concludes and winners declared
  • 12:00 Champagne toast for all guests
  • 12:15 after party 

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If you have any questions contact us!

**The Venue**

An 1840 granite Greek revival building that has witnessed generations and survived hurricane Sandy flooding. This is a building with its own voice. 

See the Venue's Virtual Tour HERE

We have private use of the cellar lair. However, the main floor will be open as well to meet with other players in secret, or to have television viewing access.

Additional Details:

  • Dress Code: formal dress please (no t-shirts, jeans, sneakers).
  • Photography: all guests consent to being photographed--after all, it's a NYE party!
  • Code of Conduct: be respectful to everyone and appreciate boundaries.
  • Reminder: arriving on time (8:30 General Admission) is vital to be properly introduced into the interactive experience.

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If you have any questions contact us!   

We are compiling the cash pile now!