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SPY 101 (Spy School)



 Aces & Operatives & New York Comic Con's NY SUPER WEEK

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**You do NOT have to attend NY Comic Con to attend this event. This is an event produced by The Game Theatre in association with NY Comic Con's NY Super Week and is open to the General Public. All you need to do is purchase tickets through with us!

Ever wanted to become an espionage poker high roller?

Ever wanted to profile a serial bomber?

Ever curious about learning the scent of poison?

Want to test your ability to decode terrorist transmissions?

Want to solve 20th century "Cold Cases" for a bounty reward?

This event is an inclusive "Spy School" for everyone who ever wanted to test their spy skills and find out if they truly have hidden espionage abilities and talents. All players will be assigned to a particular department and will engage at various spy stations where university instructions will present unique challenges. Score high marks on your report card, work with your department, and strategically socialize in the hopes of graduating as an Official Aces & Operatives Special Agent! 

Spy 101 will be a Game Theatre experience that will feature our trademark social game designs plus interactive and immersive features that will transport players from the everyday world into a true espionage realm.

Tickets Levels:

General Admission tickets enjoy a complete experience as students from the public spy school system. VIP tickets will be students from affluent families who has enrolled them in a private curriculum with privileges (see more below).


At SPY 101 you will appears as "student" attending the training center of E.A.R.T.H. (Espionage & Reconnaissance Training Headquarters) in the hopes of graduating as "Ace" Secret Agent.

To try and earn your new degree you will navigate an interactive realm of espionage in an attempt to complete various exciting "missions" being conducted by E.A.R.T.H. Instructors.

The players with the highest marks (Spy GPA) will graduate as Ace Agents! Of course, grading is on a curve so only a few good spies will graduate the first night. Moreover, you (and your friends and others) will be assigned to rival Departments (just like rival sororities and fraternities).

Of course, there will also be a secret menace lurking in school. A few students have gone missing and the University must uncover the secret Operative threat from within before it's too late!

Spy 101 combines elements of interactive theatre, social gaming, and team-building to offer a memorable experience that transports players from the subways/crowds/social networking world into the Aces & Operatives (fun, exciting, supportive, new connection-building) universe.


  • General Admission ($25) and VIP ($45). GA students will participate in and enjoy everything as public students. VIP are from rich families and are given "ace up the sleeve" cards that offer certain bonuses.

  • Spy dress code preferred or NYCC cosplay approved. Think dashing double-agent, femme fatale, mad gadgeteer, sleek transporter, or even famous actor or pop star who aspires to be a secret spy

  • Experience multiple Spy Mission Stations where you and the departments you join will compete to score the highest marks on their report cards

  • Missions may include Spy Poker, Criminal Profiling, Social Deception, Decoding, Cold Cases, and much more!

  • Secret and hidden and historic Little Italy wine cellar venue with full bar and delicious menu. Venue details HERE

  • We will have photography/video for those who are interested in showcasing their spy adventures + unique prizes for the top students! 

  • Many more details to come!

**Contact** The Game Directors if you have any questions!

Also, if you want to practice your spy skills in advance take the official **MI6 test! **

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E.




Aces & Operatives

Official Weekend Movie Release Spy Adventure!

In theaters August 14th!

Join the Aces & Operatives Game Directors and their new spy collaborators,  The Real Escape Room (Website link HERE), for their special presentation of this summer's most thrilling adventure, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., the film that promises to bring "fun" back to the spy game! Expect this to be our most involved and challenging "interactive theatre" spy event ever!


**What to Expect**

Official promotional film giveaways to all player guests, including a drawing for free tickets to the film, and promotional photography with an assortment of Cold War themed props.

Multiple, "interactive theatre" spy adventures to be explored and (potentially) solved by our secret agent players, and much more!

Of course, expect twists, turns, and surprises as you choose your own adventure in a realm of international mystery and intrigue...


Rome 1963. The Cold War is in full throttle, and the world is caught in the stalemate between East and West. Despite their ideological differences both have learned of a new threat that can destroy the world called T.H.R.U.S.H. (Technical Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity). This secret terrorist organization established by a ring of powerful international criminals has allegedly obtained a nuclear weapon and is about to hold the world for ransom!

You will be a new special agent for one of the world's leading spy agencies, including: United Network Command of Law Enforcement, known as U.N.C.L.E. -- a joint, international, anti-terror organization, or the secret wing of British Intelligence called MI6, or the American CIA, or even the secret Soviet KGB unit called SMERSH. Your first goal will be to locate your agency to form a "troubleshooting team." 

Once you've successfully formed an elite spy unit you can commence your mission to located locate double agents within the world's top spy agencies. Plus all new agents can advance their skills and graduate their spy rank by attempting to solve various "cold cases" on various wanted fascists from the Second World War who had fled Europe to South America. 

This is a multi-dimensional social experience -- The Game Theatre!

**Details & Dress Code**

  • Retro 1960's dress code, think Swank Spies, Mod Squad, classic 007, Mad Men, Mid-Century Femme Fatale, Mad Scientist, 60's Hollywood Star (as cover), Race Car Driver, Adventurer, Communist Rebel, you get the gist... not difficult to pull off, also the air conditioning at the venue is excellent, so no worries about the summer heat
  • 21+ only, full bar and quick order menu options at a secret spy venue
  • This event will be filmed and photographed, all players consent to their image being taken and all images and video are property of the studio, artist, and The Game Theatre -- it's a costumed spy event, of course we want to record it for our special guests!
  • All ticket sales are final (but transferable)  
You will find yourself transported to a secret club in Rome.

You will find yourself transported to a secret club in Rome.

**Official Movie Stills Gallery from the Studio**

This is a "can't miss" event for everyone who enjoys heated social events, interactive theatre, espionage, mystery, and cosplay!

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Aces & Operatives

THE GAME THEATRE is an innovative, interactive, and immersive entertainment experience that combines elements of theatre with improv and social gaming to create diversely unique characters and stories where you, the player guests, decide your outcome!

**Story Summary**

It's the 1950's Cold War, a time of fear mongering and accusations in the nation. A group of Hollywood elites have been invited to a casting party at a secret mob run club in New York City. The special guests will network in the hopes of casting necessary roles to produce future tinseltown blockbusters.

At the party will be powerful film producers, talented screenwriters, visionary directors, and of course glamours stars. However, underneath all the glitz and glam lurks the darker side of the times. A nation finds itself gripped with fear of a Communist threat it cannot see and patriots of the "American way" will stop at nothing identify and cast out the enemy elements from within. Guests must be careful about who they associate with and trust, the nation is on high alert for Communists hiding in the Hollywood ranks and everyone is a suspect!

Influenced by mid-century culture, MccarthyismThe Crucible, and the issues of public shaming, Blacklisted will be a fascinating evening that uses Game Theatre social science to explore the act of accusation. 


  • Everyone will be as a Hollywood Elite [almost SOLD OUT] or an Investigator -- no role-play or acting experience required (this is a fun social adventure)

  • Enjoy a thematic Little Italy wine cellar venue with a private bar and authentic Italian menu options

**UPDATE -- Murder Mystery**

"Fasten your seat belts"... Once upon a time there were "Starlets" in Hollywood... Bette Davis' closest friend Roxy Davenport was found deceased (all too early) at the foot of the Hollywood Hills in 1948. A decade later, in the boomerang 1950s her "cold case" was re-opened for one night only. Will Roxy's fate find justice? Attend an investigate! 

**Dress Code**

  • A 1950's event is easy to make happen. Think: film starlet or dancer, visionary director or writer, power-hungry producer, Russian seductress, glamourous heiress, trust fund Ivy League chap, greaser bodyguard, star ball player or boxer, beat reporter, race car driving 'heart throb', southern musician trying to "make it", or disillusioned housewife who fled her small town and annoying family to start all over again. If you are having a brain cramp then just put on something somewhat formal and vintage :)

  • We will consult with all ticket purchasers regarding their 'role'.

Standard event policies are here HERE. All attendees consent to being photographed and filmed.

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Club Aston




A 'Secret Spy Society' operating underneath Manhattan!

Join The Game Directors and the Aston "A-Lister" Club Members for their signature spy casino event. Club Aston is an interactive espionage story-telling experience like nothing else! 

This event is ideal for anyone who has ever desired to become someone new, mysterious, and internationally coveted. New Players are encouraged to join our Senior Players at the club. This is a truly special world of intrigue where you can lead a secondary life filled with fame and fortune, while possessing unique skills. 

Guests will be transformed from spectators into integral parts of a living + breathing spy reality! Call it "social theater". You only live twice... so join the club!

MI6 photo taken of Aston's opening evening.

MI6 photo taken of Aston's opening evening.

What to Expect?

  • The ability to enter your own "choose your own adventure" (or assist others with their stories) -- your nightlife decisions result in drastic and lasting outcomes!

  • The most thematic card table anywhere, surrounded by unique and fascinating characters (of course, no real money / no gambling / all staged theater)

  • Use of a free-market economy that will track your fortunes and losses 

  • Plus many announcements and surprises to come!

**No role-play or card gaming experience required! 

Modern Bond @ cards...

Classic Bond @ cards...

Dress Code: this is a modern club experience so formal dress code or spy attire is necessary. No t-shits, no jeans etc. Think deep cover agent, femme fatale, wealthy financier, eccentric scientist, sleek transporter, famous 'industry' star, eccentric madman, and beyond! This event may feature fashionably dark Operatives so feel free to be inspired by dark fashion! All attendees consent to being potentially photographed or filmed (if you are looking great why waste it!)
Of course, if you have any questions regarding dress code just email us!


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