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The Game Theatre produces unique events that combine immersive environments, strategic social gaming, and interactive theatre to create compelling experiences. We believe in preserving live interaction as a prime force of entertainment and personal growth. The Game Theatre's Mission is to expand the boundaries of socialization.


Upcoming Events


Open NYE bar!

Calling all cunning investigators: 

You have miraculously inherited One Million dollars from a unique Will, with one condition: you must spend all of the money before the stroke of midnight this New Year's Eve to obtain clues about a mysterious murder. Enjoy our open bar and appetizer platters while you interact with suspects to get clues to solve the murder case of a lifetime before the ball drops. 

Live Action Role Play, this is the real deal. While other role-playing can get really deep, The Game Theatre does a great job at providing an “entry level” experience that might blow your mind... Senior Players will be planted within the crowd and will be messing with you in the funniest of ways. By mid point in the night, things will get hot and people will be yelling as plot twists blow the lid on what you thought immersive theatre could be. It’s amazing the depth and time the producers have put into for this production. I guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this before.  

- Adam Aleksander (adamaleksanderpresents.com)


An "all inclusive" castle weekend!

Live a medieval fantasy dream:

Be cast as a fantastical role to join your Family Kingdom Team for an entire weekend of High Medieval Adventure in America's signature Castle Mansion. Attempt daring missions, pursue your own unique story, and enjoy food and drink while seeing your Team to victory in our all inclusive immersive, fantasy experience unlike any other.   

Dragon Thrones was hands down one of the coolest experiences I've ever had in my life. It was worth traveling across the country for and I would do it again! The story tellers, Game Masters, and the community it attracted were all top notch. I was completely immersed in my character and the story but yet I knew others who had fun doing the various side activities or playing the war game. I also really enjoyed the classes-learning a medieval dance while whispering court secrets is not something you get to do everyday. The whole weekend was super "opt in" so you could either experience as much or as little intensity as you liked. The setting (basically a castle) was beautiful. I also felt that everyone in production has a genuine desire and passion to make it even bigger and better each time. There isn't an option to leave a review but if I could 5/5! Can't wait to return to the Citadel of Mirrors.

- Westbrooke